Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Real World

Well, its been almost a month since my last day of school ever and I can say with confidence that I am pleased. When my diploma came to me in the mail (back in Ohio), my mother sent me an email stating that I could could have it for a small fee... which reminded me of my graduation fee that I still have not paid based on principle alone, which then reminded my mother of another mail item that arrived from SCAD stating that I "would not be able to participate in the ceremony if I did not pay the fee..." of $40. "Oy vey," I sighed and my mother told me she would pay it because she wants to see me graduate. The moral of the story... eh screw it, you make up your own moral.

What have I been doing since my last days of online multiple choice tests and timid washed up professors dragging me away from what I really want to create?? Well, a whole lot of nothing (as one might expect) and a little bit of something...

the demise of disney

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