Tuesday, December 15, 2009

This is a painting I've just finished, done in acrylics on wood. Lionel, you will be proud of me for figuring out how to enjoy acrylics, and not only that, but I actually like them. This piece is a commission so it is not for general sale, but I still get paid, yay! My work is selling at the gallery in delaware now, and I have 3 commissions to finish up, not to mention I finally got a full time job with benefits and profit sharing (yay half-price books!) So every paycheck I recieve, I am closer to living on my own in san fran. Plus I am working on several side projects, and writing a lot lately. I am really excited to get these commissions done however so I can focus on my own paintings yet again, although I do like this piece a lot... I just need a scanner! Photos don't do justice to my paintings... oh well for now.
You know, sometimes I hate to finish a painting, it sort of makes me sad, like the feeling of finishing a book... you are glad you got to the end, but the joy of getting there is over. Going by this philosophy, painting is an acute representation of my own life; whenever I get to where I want to be, I start looking again for something new to chase after. I am the sort of person who loves the ride, the adventure, playing the game more than winning, and falling in love more than being in love. I love the story, not the ending; the brush strokes more than the painting. Well, I must try to sleep now as I start the daily grind tomorrow morning at 8:30 sharp! I just hope I can do this with out wanting to strangle someone in two months, I'm not very good at keeping jobs apparently.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Staying Busy

A Vignette, acrylic and found objects 2009

Oh My! I have been absent for some time, haven't I? Well in my own defense, I've been busy. Ha! Actually, I've been thinking... about the peace corps, my job(s), and grad school (argentina?) or just moving to puerto rico to sell my art on the side of the road and live off of coconuts and romance (all very tempting options, mind you) since i don't know when san francisco will actually happen because I feel I want to settle there and stay there... which I am not very good at I have come to realize. I just can't settle and stay. It's not my nature, you see. Fortunately (or unfortunately) I believe it is my destiny to keep moving, to keep exploring, and to never settle down until I have exhausted all options, seen all there is to see. Is that depressing? Possibly. Is it realistic? Very.
So, anywho, in between my mania and strokes of genius, and apart from writing a new mini series about the irony of being an artist, and being completely broke and alone, I have finished a project (to be displayed at Channel 33 Project Gallery this Friday Dec. 4th from 7-whenever in Columbus, OH!) Hooray!
Here is a sneak peak... very different from what I have done in the past, yes, but I am always on the go, moving ahead even if I am physically stuck in one place for the time being. So don't worry, folks, this Midwestern Beauty will conquer the world soon enough! Oh, you're not worried? You don't even care? WELL SCREW YOU! Ha, I just kid... I kidding... seriously, just take a look. And COME TO MY SHOW! (or pretend like you will...)

The Star, acrylic and found objects 2009

Posh Exotica, acrylic and found objects 2009

Miss Mary, acrylic and found objects 2009

The Lush, acrylic and found objects 2009

The Life, acrylic and oh you get the idea!

Open It!, digital photography of found objects 2009

I will try to put up all the photos on my temporary website, www.thelajohnson.com.
But in the mean time, go eat a sandwich.