Tuesday, December 15, 2009

This is a painting I've just finished, done in acrylics on wood. Lionel, you will be proud of me for figuring out how to enjoy acrylics, and not only that, but I actually like them. This piece is a commission so it is not for general sale, but I still get paid, yay! My work is selling at the gallery in delaware now, and I have 3 commissions to finish up, not to mention I finally got a full time job with benefits and profit sharing (yay half-price books!) So every paycheck I recieve, I am closer to living on my own in san fran. Plus I am working on several side projects, and writing a lot lately. I am really excited to get these commissions done however so I can focus on my own paintings yet again, although I do like this piece a lot... I just need a scanner! Photos don't do justice to my paintings... oh well for now.
You know, sometimes I hate to finish a painting, it sort of makes me sad, like the feeling of finishing a book... you are glad you got to the end, but the joy of getting there is over. Going by this philosophy, painting is an acute representation of my own life; whenever I get to where I want to be, I start looking again for something new to chase after. I am the sort of person who loves the ride, the adventure, playing the game more than winning, and falling in love more than being in love. I love the story, not the ending; the brush strokes more than the painting. Well, I must try to sleep now as I start the daily grind tomorrow morning at 8:30 sharp! I just hope I can do this with out wanting to strangle someone in two months, I'm not very good at keeping jobs apparently.

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