Friday, August 27, 2010

Alien [N]ation Solo Show at Mid City

Come see LA's show in September!!! You won't be disappointed, and you might be quite scared... ha, no that's only kind of a joke. But according to sources, this one will make you think. It will make you think about why you feel paranoid while walking down the street; about why you fuss over appearances or other vain attempts to "look good". It's about having no one to confide in when there seems to be nothing familiar in your environment. It's about feeling trapped and excluded, but it's also a reminder that you really are not alone. There are many of us who do not fit the mold, who long for change, who embrace the environment, who are tired of being told what is right from hypocrites, and sometimes all we need is a little hope to life our spirits. This is an homage to the sub-cultures in cities, the aliens next door, the hippies in hiding, and free spirits everywhere.
So come and enjoy a sight to behold: one away from the lime-light and open to interpretation. Maybe you will even find a friend amongst this world of enemies.

Opening Bash! Thursday Sept. 9 from 7-10 at mid city caffe, washington DC
Closing Soiree! Saturday Oct. 23 again 7-10

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